Class Description

The classes for mother and child are dedicated for moms after the postnatal period, that is, around eight weeks after natural birth or 12 weeks after C-section. Join our classes if the check-up with your gynecologist went well and the doctor gave you the green light to exercise. The classes last 50 minutes. During the training you will learn proper breathing techniques, activate pelvic floor muscles, and strengthen and add flexibility to the remaining muscle groups. Special exercise routines will help you get back in shape after pregnancy without overworking the weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. The 12-month postpartum period is exceptional because the body slowly gets back to “normal”. Inadequate exercises could disrupt the process and lead to discomforts connected with the loosening of pelvic floor muscles or the white line. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get tired during our classes. You’ll leave sweaty and happy, with your baby by your side all the time. The baby will be able to join you in the exercises proposed by the trainer. Remember to take your workout clothes, sports shoes, and a bottle of water. 

When: Thursday 11:15 AM
Where: Pracowania Cztery Dlonie, Os. Batorego 16, Poznan

First class 10% discount




Ula Pyrszel

Founder of Gibka Mama. Fitness Instructor specializing in pregnancy and postpartum physical activity.

Ola Pieczyńska

Fitness instructor, personal trainer, dietitian.