Class Description

If there are no complications during pregnancy and the doctor approves physical activity tailored to your condition, we invite you to the classes for pregnant women. These 50-minute classes will strengthen and add flexibility to the muscle groups that are especially important during pregnancy. During the training you will not only strengthen your body, but you will also learn how to breathe properly, activate pelvic floor muscles, and will master difficult relaxation techniques that are extremely useful during labor. If you were already active before pregnancy, you can join our classes in the first trimester. If you only decided to start exercising during pregnancy, you can start the classes from the second trimester. Please wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. Remember to take a bottle of water with you – hydration is key!

When: Monday 6:15 PM & 7:30 PM, Thursday 6:00 PM $ 7:15 PM
Where: Pracowania Cztery Dłonie, Os. Batorego 16, Poznan

First class 10% discount




Ula Pyrszel

Founder of Gibka Mama. Fitness Instructor specializing in pregnancy and postpartum physical activity.

Ola Pieczyńska

Fitness instructor, personal trainer, dietitian.